Dawn: 03:39 Sunrise: 04:31 Moonrise: 04:18 moon
Dusk: 22:23 Sunset:  21:32 Moonset: 20:34
Daylight: 18:43 Day length: 17:00 Moon Phase: 0%
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4:Moderate breeze
Maltby le Marsh is located 4 miles from the North Sea.
Located on a flat plain to the east of the Lincolnshire Wolds,
it is at an altitude of just 4m above sea level.
18.3 °C

Last Observation Made:

Weather data was last updated at 18:00 GMT on Friday 23 June 2017
Temperature and Humidity Freezing?
Temperature 18.3 °C Falling -0.8 °C/hour.
Windchill 18.3 °C Dew Point 15.0 °C
Lowest so far Today 11.3  °C recorded at 01:40
Highest so far Today 19.8 °C recorded at 14:07
Humidity 81% ------ ------
Current Rainfall Rate 0.0 mm/hr Rainfall Last Hour 0.0 mm
Rainfall so far Today 0.9 mm Rainfall Last 24 hrs 0.9 mm
Last rainfall occured on Fri 23 Jun at 1107 Rainfall so far this Month 40.4 mm
Today's Maximum Speed 22.1  mph recorded at 12:28
Recent Highest Speed 19.7 mph Recent Wind Bearing 233° or SW
Recent Average Speed 12.4 mph Windrun so far Today 145.9 miles
Barometer  1013.4 mb Falling slowly -0.3 mb/hr
Maximum Snow Depth Today  0 cm ------ ------

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