Wise Men HeaderOrigins of Christmas.

By Rev. Phil Greetham. © Copyright 1996. This Version, 2012.

Is Christmas, Christian?

Over the last 15 years I have occasionally received emails from Christians chastising me for promoting Christmas. I have to say that they have not always been polite!
Firstly, this web site does not in itself promote Christmas, but tries to give information about the nativity. However the question is valid, "Should Christians celebrate Christmas?"

Most problems stem from the fact that there are two issues that are raised, not one.
Firstly should Christians have a particular festival, day, season in which the coming of Christ into the world is celebrated?
Secondly, should Christians use imagery which was once pagan in their Christmas celebrations?
The following pages give my opinions on these subjects.
A Biblical basis for celebrating Christmas.
What do we do with pagan imagary at Christmas?

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