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What is this web site?

This web site has been around for over 15 years now and has been visited by over a half of a million people!   I have received many message thanking me for all the research done here, and I thank them all for the feed back.   Several books on the subject have found these pages useful, as well as a TV documentary on the subject.    

It started off as an investigation into the Star of Bethlehem -a single web page as a text file back in 1995.   Later it was broken up into more manageable pages and indexed.   As people asked me questions about the nativity, I incorporated the answers I gave into the web site.    It therefore grew in a very unplanned way.    The web page style is now very old fashioned, but it is still fully functional.   

I am a minister in the UK Methodist Church, and, because it does worry some people, I am pleased to affirm that I have a personal faith in Jesus Christ - God's only Son and the only means to Salvation.   I would have hoped that one would have implied the other ! 

I have recently had to move these pages to another server, and it is possible that some links have broken in the process.    I am working on it.

You want to know the names of the wise men?
Many of the questions I receive ask this question. This web site is rather like a pneumatic drill trying to crack that nut. Click HERE to find the answers you are looking for.

There is a lot of information here.
You may find theA-Z index more useful, or the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page rather than the indexes below. The links are via the icons.

Origins of Christmas

Was Christmas a Christianised pagan festival as many suggest or did it have its origin in apostolic times?


Date of Christ's Birth.

Several attempts at working out the birth date of Jesus.


Magi, or Wise Men.

Magi in general and the ones specifically mentioned in the Nativity

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Stars, astronomy and astrology mentioned in the Bible.

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The Theories.

Ideas of what the Star of Bethlehem might have been, with my own personal assessment of them.


The Nativity.

Thoughts on the events surrounding the Nativity.

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Home Page
The author's home page.

Astronomical data by 'Dance of the Planets' from ARC Science Simulations.

Perseus Project: Ancient Greek texts in English - online.

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